Gabe Salazar Podcast - Born on Accident, Living with Purpose

Born on Accident, Living with Purpose

No one is actually born on accident, but many teenagers who face tough struggles in life feel they should have never been born to this world. Teen expert and motivational speaker Gabe Salazar delves into this phenomenon in his audio book “Born on Accident Living with Purpose.” Born to a teen mom, abandoned by his father, this book explores Gabe’s life and how he felt he was born on accident. There’s hope, though. Gabe wrote this book for all of the teenagers who relate to his story and for all the moms, dads, and adults who love their teens.

Product Details:

  • Narrator: Gabe Salazar
  • Length: 1 hour, 1 minute, 18 seconds (1:01:18)
  • Format: MP3 - Immediate Download

Motivational Speaker

Gabe speaks at more than 200 teen events each year and has reached millions of students. He‘s been recognized as America’s #1 Latino Youth Speaker by *Popular Hispanics Magazine.

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